BEMER Health Conditions

The official website of the BEMER for INDIA
The BEMER does not treat or heal any specific health conditions.

The Bemer energizes every cell in the body simultaneously. Thus aiding the cells in creating an optimum environment in which the body can begin to heal itself.

The BEMER treats the cause not the symptoms

Reading these information articles and the recommendations for use are not a substitute for consultation with a physician or an alternative healthcare professional. The BEMER3000 does not replace good diagnosis and examination by a qualified medical practitioner.

Acid deposits Migraines
ADHD Multiple Sclerosis
Aging Muscle Dystrophy
Allergies Osteoarthritis
Ankylosing Spondylitis Osteoporosis
Arteriosclerosis Pacemakers
Arthritis Pain
Asthma Parkinsons Disease
Back Pain Respiratory Disease
Cardiac Arrhythmia Restless Leg Syndrome
Cardiovascular Disease Rheumatic Diseases
Chronic fatigue Sarcoidosis
Depression Sports Injury & Recovery
Diabetes Stroke
Fibromyalgia Thrombosis
Implants Tinnitus
Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases Trauma
Injuries Tumour
Lupus Wounds & Post Operative Healing
Macular Degeneration  
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